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Nikki- TIO University
Stage New York City ervaringen

"My dream has become a reality! I'm conducting my internship in downtown New York City. I have great colleagues and the work I have to do is very interesting. It matches with my University’s background, which allows me to learn even more. I’m staying in a great student hotel on ‘The Upper West Side’ in New York. I have met many great people during my internship and quite a few parties!”"

Lisa - Amsterdam Fashion Insitute
J-1 Visa Support

"I had to organise my visa within 8 weeks. I heard from many other people it would take much longer than that. After comparing agencies, IO USA came out as the number one for me. After my application was made, IO USA contacted me very soon. And this continued during my application. I could always ask them anything and receive an answer within a few days and sometimes within a few hours, or minutes! They helped me a lot and I want to thank them for their great service!"

Phil - Rotterdam University
Business Administration Internship

"the service from IO USA was great and helped me a lot. I started late with my application but this was not a problem for IO USA as they contacted companies right away. I now have an inter nship at a M&A Advisor in NYC! Also, their response to my emails was always top notch and fast! I could ask anything and I was assured I was in good hands."

Host International Interns with IO USA

IO USA offers a free internship recruiting service for hosting companies in the US. Over the past years countless of companies decided to start an internship placement program together with IO USA. 96% of the companies who hired international interns via IO USA continued to do so! We work for all kind of companies ranging from Fashion companies in New York City to high end Tech-companies in Silicon Valley. We offer a free internship recruiting service for companies looking for skilled and dedicated interns. In addition with our Inhouse J1 Visa Support we take care of the Visa application for the interns we can take up most of the Visa paperwork for both the student as internship companies. IO USA is specialized in recruiting in the following fields: Business Administration, E-commerce, Finance, Project Management, Human Resources, Event Management, Tourism, Design and Fashion.

Why should you consider hiring international interns? Not only do our intern candidates come from respectable Universities throughout Europe they are also highly motivated to their utmost best during their internship and they bring a great presence to the office. Are you curious how International interns experience their internship in the US? Then please see the video below from Nikki who organized her internship in New York City with IO New York.

What are the benefits of hiring international Interns/Trainees with IO USA?

  • Qualified and professional interns/trainees: All applicants applying to your company have been pre-screened by IO USA. During the interview, their English, skills, and desire for a program placement in the U.S are assessed, ensuring only highly motivated and ambitious applicants.
  • All interns are eligible and pre-screened for the J-1 Exchange Visa. There are no visa or sponsorship costs involved for the host company. The entire visa process is free of charge for the host company.
  • By hiring international interns, you will cut costs: You do not pay Medicare, Social Security or Unemployment Taxes on International Students.
  • IO USA is affiliated with over 35 top universities in Europe. We expand your talent pool and can provide your company with quality candidate applications who meet the company’s requirements on a regular basis.
  • Our partnership programs means you will have spent less valuable time on the screening and hiring process. IO USA is a registered J-1 Exchange Visa partner with several sponsor organizations in the U.S. We have our in-house J-1 Visa Service, which allows us to handle all the J-1 Visa applications as smooth as possible and require little time to do so.
  • International students are fluent in English and other languages including German, French and Spanish.
  • Minimal paperwork for the host companies. Up to 90% of the paperwork can be handled by IO USA.
  • Our service (including the entire visa process) is completely free of charge for the host company.
  • International interns bring a unique and enriching diversity to your business.
  • 96% of the companies who hired international interns via IO USA continued to do so!

The qualifications for hosting companies in the U.S. are as follows:

  • Providing a training program that is closely related to the intern/trainee’s education or area of expertise, with a minimum of 32 hours per week.
  • Possessing a Worker’s Compensation insurance policy.
  • Having an official office location (freelance or home offices are not eligible).
  • Having at least a ratio of three employees per intern.

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