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Andrew - Utrecht University
Business Administration Internship

"Thanks to IO USA I landed an internship in Manhattan! IO USA did a great job by finding my an internship and guiding me step by step true the Visa application process. Thanks Again!"

Lisa - Amsterdam Fashion Insitute
J-1 Visa Support

"I had to organise my visa within 8 weeks. I heard from many other people it would take much longer than that. After comparing agencies, IO USA came out as the number one for me. After my application was made, IO USA contacted me very soon. And this continued during my application. I could always ask them anything and receive an answer within a few days and sometimes within a few hours, or minutes! They helped me a lot and I want to thank them for their great service!"

Phil - Rotterdam University
Business Administration Internship

"the service from IO USA was great and helped me a lot. I started late with my application but this was not a problem for IO USA as they contacted companies right away. I now have an inter nship at a M&A Advisor in NYC! Also, their response to my emails was always top notch and fast! I could ask anything and I was assured I was in good hands."

Student Stories and IO New York/IO USA Reviews!

stage Amerika

Please read the stories from international students who went to the US before you with our IO USA program. Please note that the Dutch reviews from students who went to the US with IO New York are freely translated. Origional reviews can be found here.

Fashion Internship New York City, Anne

See the movie from Anne about her internship in New York City below!

Fashion stage New York City, Renate

stage amerika ervaringen
It has always been a dream of mine to live in New York for a number of months. I now had the chance to combine it with school and was looking for a fashion show in New York. First, I wanted to find an internship on my own, but soon I found out that that is actually too difficult. In September 2016, I decided to enroll with the IO New York office. There are so many different mediation agencies, which makes it difficult to find out which ones can best be approached. After I wrote to IO New York, I soon got an answer regarding the search for an internship. The mediation agency was looking for different companies, and I had to indicate which one most appealed to me. I chosen one and soon an interview was scheduled. Unfortunately, I was not chosen for that internship, so I looked for a new one. Very soon after, I had another interview with another company, which was successful. After the interview with the host company, I began filling out all the paperwork you need to continue. After completing all these forms, I was unfortunately told that there was a so-called “site visit” at my internship. A site visit is required for small businesses in America who want to take a J-1 visa intern. This would cause me delay. I worried, but I continued to trust, because if you really want something, it will succeed :). Slowly, I began to get more and more busy. Due to some problems with my host company, I and IO New York could not do anything but wait for the right forms. By December, I was still waiting. One day, I received confirmation that my internship was approved. IO New York told me they were going to work as quickly as possible and try to prevent further delay, but in my situation, that was impossible. After all this was resolved, we finally managed. In the end, it all went very fast and before I knew it, I left for New York.

Due to the delay, there were 4 days between receiving my visa and my departure, but I was so happy! Arranging an internship in New York is stressful and time consuming. I never dreamed that it would really go through, but thanks to the good service of IO New York everything went well. So, my advice is to start on time with the search of an internship, but do not give up due to stress, the money and the amount of work. It's worth it! I'm in New York today for my second week of study and I work with a fashion designer and am having a great time! Renate Huitink, maart 2017

J1 Visum Stage Amerika,

stage ervaringen amerika Gijs - Fontys Hogeschool - Aanvraag J-1 stagevisum: "Zelf had ik een bedrijf gevonden in de Verenigde Staten voor mijn afstudeerstage. Het bedrijf en ik wisten niet wat we voor het visum moesten doen. Daarom heb ik IO New York ingeschakeld. Dit was een perfecte keus. De visa support werkt heel erg goed. IO New York legt alles duidelijk uit, maar ook voor vragen kun je altijd bij ze terecht. Binnen een paar uur heb je een reactie op al je vragen. De communicatie was uitstekend. Het visum proces kan heel erg lastig zijn en daarom is het een aanrader om IO New York te gebruiken hiervoor. IO New York zal het visum samen met jou en je bedrijf regelen en dat bespaard veel stress en moeite voor jou! Ten slotte betaal je IO New York nog wat geld wanneer je je visum hebt, maar dit voelt als bijna niks in vergelijking met wat IONew York voor jou doet."
Januari, 2017

J1 Visa Support

November, 2016
stage amerika ervaringen
IO New York helped me last summer with my J1 visa for an internship in New York. Particularly, the personal approach and flexibility were extremely valuable. At each step, Lennart knew exactly what had to happen and provided guidance in the process where it was necessary. I am very pleased with the progress and I recommend IO New York to everyone.
Gijs, 2016

Stage New York City - Phil

I am unwise in my opinion and that really amuses me. I'm very happy that I've made the decision to go to New York, it's the experience of my life! io new york ervaringen What did you think of IO New York's service?
I was very pleased with the service of IO New York. I was very late in finding an internship but was greatly relieved that you did not that let stop you and started working right away! I had also spoken to another mediation agency, who had told me after a skype interview that I would probably not be able to get an internship and that I had to register at the next 4 or 5 months in advance. In addition, the responses to my mails from IO New York were always top-notch and fast, I could always ask anything I wanted and could be sure I would be well helped.

My internship in New York City:
I think it's great and I'm really excited about it! My colleagues are super friendly, I get along well everyone and it is in a great location. Steve is a relaxed supervisor and gives me the freedom I need. Because he has experience with International and Dutch students, so he knows how to work us and that is very pleasant. (We Dutch are used to certain way of way of working, which is a bit different from other countries). For example, yesterday, I was quiet at work and he came to me and said, “Phil, come to my office, I have a project for you.” So I went to his office with a notebook and pen to make notes, he closes the door and says suddenly “Okay Phil, tonight we go to the Yankees vs the Red Sox baseball game.” And then I jumped almost put a hole in the sky from jumping from joy. These are those moments that just make the internship worthwhile. I had an unforgettable evening and the experience of my life.
I can only say one thing and that is: IO New York thank you!

J1 Visa Support - Lisa

io new york ervaringen In December 2015, I was told that I was offered an internship position at Nudie Jeans in New York. A sense of happiness naturally came up, but this was in conjunction with the feeling of stress. I had to obtain a visa in 2 months and I had already heard from others that the process could take much longer. After looking a bit around the Internet, IO New York was the best mediation agency and I decided to contact them. I thought it would take a while, but they respond within a few days. And so, we made it through the whole process. Every time I had questions, or was unsure how to fill in some of the documents, they had an answer the same day, if not in a few minutes. Filling out all these forms will sometimes call for some clarity, so I always knew for sure what it meant and their answers were always very clear and that helped me very much. In addition, IO New York was also in touch with my internship company, which was very nice and important to me too. After the start of the process, everything is placed in IO New York's hands. The sponsor agency will continue to process your visa, but I could still ask IO New York questions at any time. The whole journey of an overseas internship involves a lot of trouble, and especially if the visa needs to be settled in a short amount of time. I can certainly say that IO New York has taken away a large part of the unrest of the process. Thanks to their good service and prompt responses, I arrived in New York within 2 months. If I needed, I would choose IO New York again.

Internship in New York City - Marc

My Internship in New York City
On February 22, I arrived in New York. My first impressions were overwhelming, what a city! I had a week free before I started at my internship, I used that week to get to know Brooklyn (where I stayed) and Manhattan. At first I did not know what to expect from Brooklyn, I had been to New York several times, but it was mostly in Manhattan. But soon I found out that Brooklyn is also a lovely place to stay, very quiet and the people are friendly. Also, there is a good train connection from Brooklyn to Manhattan, so nothing to complain about! The week went by and I made several nice trips to landmarks like MoMa, Museum of Natural History, and the parks: Washington Square Park, Central Park Natural and Bryant Park. A fun trick is that the museums are often free, and the price listed at the Admissions desk is often a suggested fee, but you can often enter with just a quarter. After my first week, "real" life started and I began my internship at the Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) office in Manhattan.

On Monday morning, February 29, I crossed Grand Central Station, opposite a huge skyscraper, where my office is located. It looked just like in the movies, and that made sense because it symbolized a new start. I took the elevator to the 16th floor and walked into the office and met my new colleagues. Very nice people, and international. I definitely was not the only non-American at the office. After that, I was shown how they worked there, and I tried their methods. During my break, I went to Bryant Park and ate my lunch there, which was very nice since that does not happen every day! Then, I did a few small errands and the working day was over. The week went by and my internship company was interested in the research I wanted to do for my studies. I am studying IBMS at Utrecht University and this internship is the final step towards my graduation. They were positive about my project and I'm happy with the help they offered me. Everyday, there is something new to do and events to go to, so many new things and the view never bores. Of course, these are the first weeks, and it will not always be easy and it is hard work, but ultimately it's a wonderful experience and I feel very welcome to enter the upcoming weeks.

Additionally, I'm also very pleased with my housemates in Brooklyn, which is also important. I live with 3 other students from France, America and England. That mix is ​​very nice because you have many European influences. I would recommend it to any fellow students if you move to New York. Over the next few weeks, I will go to events for my internship and I plan to visit sport games in New York, and of course explore the city further. I am looking forward to the coming months!

Deel 2
Here I am, I’ve arrived to the last weeks of my stay in the United States. I have been at my internship for a couple of weeks and now I have another month to discover the last of what I can find. I have left New York and currently stay in the Hamptons for my Grace Period, which is an oasis of rest compared to NYC.

The past months have flown by. I can say that this has been one of the most educational months of my life so far, and the nicest. New York never bores and it’s a bustling city. I see myself gong back there for a long time. During my internship, I was given a lot of responsibility. I went to a number of events at top locations in New York. For example, after an event, I was able to enjoy the New York Athletic Club roof terrace with an overview of all Central Park. Who thought that I would ever stand there? There are so many places that usually stay hidden, but open. You learn how to live like a real New Yorker and you create friendships with people you'd have never known.

During my internship, friends from the Netherlands were also visiting in New York for a week. Since I knew the city best, I could of course bring show them all the best places, and I could show them New York in a way that you often do not see as a tourist. We rented a car for a weekend and we made a "small" road trip to Washington DC, Philadelphia and Atlantic City. The trip was small by American standards because the distances here are all gigantic. Washington was a great city, highly recommended. We went past the white house, Washington Monument, just call it all. The next day we drove all the way to Atlantic City, around Philadelphia, and took a picture with the Rocky statue of course! After that, we watched the EC final in the city itself and then we continued our trip to Atlantic City. This proved to be a very different city, many casinos, clubs, etc. Las Vegas is still a bit bigger but Atlantic City is a good 2nd. We enjoyed a nice evening at the casino, but unfortunately, we did not profit. The next day, we rode back to New York and continued our trip there. I can recommend this to anyone to do this as family or friends coming over. In a few days, you can see some amazing cities! We did not book the hotels in advance, but did I search using Yelp on those days. $ 20 a night per person came out every time and the rooms looked good and there was breakfast!

It's hard to describe all your experiences in a past six months in an A4. I have seen so much and done so much in these months and I will bring those memories forever with me. The city, the people, everything contributed to an unforgettable time. Walking through central park and seeing new things every time, visit sports matches, skyscrapers, walk through the city itself, nightlife, etc., all I will miss. I recommend it to everyone. You developed yourself in a professional level, but also on a personal level. This journey has taught me a lot and this will help me for the rest of my life. IO New York also supported me well and when I had questions they were always available to answer. Very trustworthy organization that I can recommend to anyone to take this great step. It's a lot of work to arrange everything, visa, stay, etc. Of course, it also requires a certain budget, but in the end, it's all worth it!

- Marc, 4th year student International Business Management - Hogeschool Utrecht

Internship New York City - Romy

IO new york ervaringen
As a little girl, I have always dreamed to see more of the world. Finally, my dream became reality and I am now in the middle of The Big Apple! I can tell you that this is something different from the Netherlands, what an experience! Surrounded by skyscrapers, great parks, sights and not to mention the over enthusiastic people. You feel right at home and it’s beautiful that I can combine my dream with my education. A dream too big to come true, will it be possible? And is it not too much? These questions left me crazy, but nothing is impossible.

For my education, I was looking for an interesting internship in NY in Hotel Event Management. This proved to be a difficult task, as I wanted to find an internship in Manhattan and I'm not alone in this world with this dream ... At the beginning of the school year, I was advised to work with a mediation agency because they specialize in internships abroad. This sounded promising and I was assured of finding an internship in Manhattan, but after 2 months of making no progress, I began to worry. Not only did my dream but my education was endangered if I did not find an internship. After spending 3 months looking, I took action and I switched to IO New York. I really recommend you find a mediation agency that specializes in the internship area you would like to go to. IO New York has a large network, specializes in New York and had the right contacts to connect me to a cool and educational internship. Within a week, I was already offered an internship position at a company in Midtown Manhattan. Could not be better! I could not believe I had finally been successful!

After the internship was arranged, I had to initiate a visa sponsorship procedure immediately. I would like to advise anyone to request 2 months before departure or earlier to apply for a visa if you are planning to go to America. You must follow a strict procedure and without a visa you do not have an internship. This obstacle could cost me my internship, as I had less than a month to manage a visa and that is almost impossible for America. With all kinds of detours, thanks to the good help and advice of IO New York New York, I still obtained my visa just one day before departure. Without IO New York, this would have never been the case. The company possesses a lot of knowledge and good communication to eventually walk through the whole process and succeed.

But hesitate to cancel your plans and dreams. It is a necessary stress but double the worth. Walking in New York is a great experience that you should not miss. I have learned a lot during the training of the internship and now I get the chance to get more knowledge and to make my dreams come true here in The City of The World!

stage ervaringen IO New York I am being trained in a Digital Marketing company based in Midtown Manhattan. This internship gives me the opportunity to learn everything about the whole company. I mainly work with the Sales / Pr departments and I will learn more about all departments: Creative Branding Campaigns, E-Commerce Development, Social Media and Strategic Planning. I look forward to acquiring all this knowledge! I have friendly colleagues who are always open to questions. In addition to the internship, my supervisor ensures that I have enough time to work on my report for school.

If you want to find the hustle and bustle you must be on Times Square. I have never seen so many different people in one place surrounded by amazing buildings. Truly an experience! The Rockefeller and The Empire State Buildings are the 2 most beautiful places that fully overlook Manhattan at an altitude of approximately 350 meters. The NY skyline is a hiking trail across Manhattan and there are so many impressive sights and districts as The National Museum, Wall Street, 9/11 Memorial, Brooklyn, Soho, etc. I have not seen everything yet and fortunately I have the time to snuggle in as much culture as possible.

Thanks to IO New York, I'm now completely seated at my internship in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. I am having the time of my life here! Friendly colleagues and Supervisor and, moreover, there are many educational events I can attend. Not only at work, but also outside my working hours. In my free time, I have enough time to hang out as a tourist. It's even better than I'd ever expected! The contact with IO New York is still perfect. I can always contact them. The internship company fits very well with me and my knowledge. I am very happy to gain this experience during my study! I'm going to benefit from my whole life here. In addition, it is also a perfect boost for my development. Many many thanks to IO New York! Without your help, it would never have been successful.

I recommend them to anyone looking to arrange an internship in America using IO New York!

Romy Maassen van den Brink

Internship New York City- Ianthe

IO USA ervaringen
I had a relatively late registration with IO New York, because I did not manage to find an internship at New York City myself. IO New York found an internship company very quickly, so I was very pleased with that! I was always helped in a friendly and clear way when I had (sometimes a lot of :)) questions and was well supported by my visa application. Through IO New York, I could happily start my internship on time!

Internship New York City - Nikki

IO New York ervaringen
In the May holidays of 2010, I went to New York for the first time, just for a week of vacation with my family. Since that moment, I fell in love with 'The Big Apple' and it was my dream to live and work there.
When I started my education at TIO, I heard that I had to do an internship during the summer vacation. For me, the choice was very easy. Work and yet find a holiday feeling? I decided I wanted to go to New York that summer for a 3-month internship!

My search for internship opportunities quickly stopped. It's very difficult to find self-entry, especially if you're looking for the beautiful well-run businesses, the heart of Manhattan. That is why I decided to work with a mediation agency. That was easier said than done. There are many mediation agencies that say they can make your dreams come true, even if you contact them last minute. This happened to me two months before going to an internship. I was closing in on my decision date and I only had one week to find an internship, otherwise I would not get my visa on time. I had already given up hope and assumed that I had to stay in the Netherlands during the summer. Disappointed, I let the dream go until I received a message from IO New York after one day; A company in their network would like to skype with me. This was of course absolutely superb. After the Skype conversation, I was immediately told that I could join their team for an internship. IO New York made it possible and offered me a great internship last minute, which fits in with my study. IO New York made the impossible possible by arranging an internship in the heart of Manhattan within a week.. After agreeing to this great position, IO New York sent me all the information I needed to get my visa. It's obviously a lot of paperwork, but they helped me. It was all very tight, but I finally managed to get my visa right before departure.

stage Amerika I wake up each morning to the sound of the sirens on my way to work and enjoy a nice Starbucks coffee in my hand just before I enter the office. I change my easy sneakers into stylish heels and then become part of a large international team of one World business. This was my dream, ever since I first visited New York in 2010. You know what they say: 'If you can make it here, you can make it everywhere'. Under that motto, I planned my internship in The Big Apple.
Now I live in the middle of a student hotel in Manhattan on the 'Upper West Side', surrounded by nice cafés and bars. Within walking distance is the university of Colombia, which means that many students are walking on the street. Every day, I do new things, so I am not bored at any moment. For the internship, I am working on the branding of several major brands. I do this together with all young, creative colleagues. I've learned so much so far and I'm going to learn more in such an internship!

To date, the contact has always been very quick and direct. So, I knew exactly what I was able to do even after all the doubts I had. Due to the shortage of time, I was late to get a visa, but by the recommendation of IO New York, we were able to divert the appointment to a consulate other than the one in Amsterdam. All in all, I am very pleased with the service of IO New York. It's worth the money, I myself, did not manage to get it right.

- Nikki Bragonje

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